About Us

It was with our great love and affection for our original “3 Biddy’s”, Gracie, Dottie and Ruth that we started making their pet treats; thus, the name 3 Biddy’s Pet Treats.

We wanted to know and fully understand what we were feeding them as we want nothing but the finest for our girls.

Our intent with 3 Biddy's Pet Treats is to provide our customers with healthy, natural dehydrated organ meat.  Also, in the interest of “knowing where your food is from”, we carefully track and identify on each package from which farm it was sourced.

Dogs and cats generally love organ meat and are often motivated to do what you wish (within reason) in exchange for a treat. Our “Biddy's” love them and have enjoyed living in our home in an environment that we’d imagine they think of as Willy Wonka’s for dogs.

We partner with local farms and personally stop by and see their beautiful property and their happy animals. The farms are relatively small family farms, often having existed for generations. These farmers are some of the finest, most decent people we know; we are proud to be in partnership with all of them.

The treats are 100% organ meat with no additional flavors, colors or preservatives. We’ve been making Biddy's in their current form since 2012.

Please keep the product out of reach of your pet as too much of a good thing is not a good idea. These are treats and not a meal replacement. Please supervise your pet(s) while consuming 3 Biddy's. As always, thank you for supporting 3 Biddy's!

 The original 3 Biddy's Team in 2013